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The M27 IAR, a universal platform?

After trying out a bunch of AEG replicas from various brands and platforms, I faced a dilemma. I wanted a replica with very high-quality finishes, plenty of spare parts availability, and one that I could use for the support role. Naturally, my first option was to look at the Krytac LMG. However, I encountered a problem: almost every LMG I found had a terrible reputation when it came to electronic box magazines. Disregarding RPK platforms primarily because AK platforms felt terribly uncomfortable to me, I couldn't find an LMG that didn't have this issue.

Just as I was almost convinced about the Krytac, a teammate suggested an alternative: the VFC M27 IAR. The reasoning was simple – it's a lightweight, durable support replica based on the AR15 platform, which means there are plenty of spare parts available. In his own words, "If you're worried about electronic box magazines failing, why not use an LMG that doesn't use them by default?"

The result of that conversation was the best airsoft purchase I could make, perhaps only rivaled by the ESS Crosshair goggles. There are three main reasons for this:

Firstly, in terms of real-world applications and counterparts, the M27 IAR platform is the most versatile currently on the market. Simply by adapting its accessories, it can be used as a rifle, light machine gun, or designated marksman rifle. I originally bought it as a light machine gun and recently converted it into a rifle.

Secondly, its quality is exceptional. VFC is known for creating extremely high-quality external replicas, with internal parts being the main weak point. However, this can be rectified by leveraging a friend who knows mechanics and purchasing some internal upgrades. In this case, the upgrades were done on a relatively low budget, without touching the engine or installing an electronic trigger. The main changes included a CNC piston head, a regular 14.5 piston, a CNC cylinder head, an aluminum nozzle, and a cylinder from Begadi. Additionally, a Retro Arms hop-up chamber and a Prometheus 6.03 barrel were installed.

Lastly, the aesthetics are amazing. The M27 boasts unique lines with a lot of personality, standing out among other AR15s. Thanks to the option of using an M-lock handguard if desired, and the ease of shortening the outer barrel, the customization possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, the VFC M27 is a high-end replica with a price tag that reflects its quality. However, in my opinion, it's also quite challenging to find in stock. With some essential mechanical upgrades, it offers what could be a universal platform for fulfilling almost all roles in the hobby, with just a power adjustment. As a personal recommendation, if you plan to change its power regularly, the Retro Arms gearbox is almost a must-buy. The replica comes with a gear that feels as old as Methuselah , so changing the spring can be a hassle.

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Autor: Misters
The M27 IAR, a universal platform?
The M27 IAR, a universal platform?
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