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The Army Armament G36 GBBR, the real low cost GBB.

If something has taught me over the years I’ve been practicing airsoft, it’s that the role-playing, realism, and simulation aspects are what attract me the most. Therefore, my interest in Gas Blowback (GBB) has steadily increased. So, determined to delve into this world, and although the almighty Marui seemed like the logical choice (I dislike AKs, so I don’t even consider GHK), my financial situation at the time, along with the appealing project by gbbr4tiesos, made me want to try out the low-cost GBB options that brands like Golden Eagle or Army Armament had launched into the market.

I have to say that I had replicas from both brands, and both gave good results with minimal upgrades, but for style, cost, and performance, I definitely stick with the G36 GBB from Army Armament (R36).

Starting with the internals, as I mentioned before, the necessary upgrades are minimal. In my case, a Maple Leaf 6.02 barrel, Begadi green rubber, and Begadi nub, which would undergo a homemade modification to increase the contact surface with the rubber. These would be the only paid upgrades. Additionally, the space for the nub was enlarged by filing the hop-up chamber, and a 3D piece was added to prevent barrel vibrations. Finally, it is only necessary to perform periodic maintenance using quality greases. In the future, I would like to install two more pieces, an NPAS and a new trigger assembly. The latter is perhaps the most important because trigger mechanisms are among the parts that give the most problems out of the box in these replicas.

In the external section, this replica is mainly based on the G36 seen in the hands of JW Formoza operators, the Polish Navy's special forces unit, although with two clear personal licenses: the flashlight, as the one they use feels terribly uncomfortable to me, and the silencer; they use standard muzzle brakes, but I mount an ACETECH Blaster tracer for use in nighttime games. Otherwise, I install an Ares handguard copy of the B&T, a stock and an upper rail from WE, a copy of the IDZ, and a red dot sight Vector Optics Maverick gen2. Finally, and almost as a necessity, I install the metal charging handle from Begadi, as the original plastic one breaks with just a glance.

In summary, the Army Armament G36 GBB is a gas replica that allows you to play with a very affordable price and a stunning aesthetic. I still need to try the solution for this same replica proposed by Begadi, where almost all the modifications that I have been making over time, and some more like improving the trigger, they already come pre-made for you. Without a doubt, it's an option worth considering.

Team: GAR Airsoft Galicia
Autor: Misters
The Army Armament G36 GBBR, the real low cost GBB.
The Army Armament G36 GBBR, the real low cost GBB.
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