Begadi Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop Portal of the Begadi Shop! From our workshop, you can have airsoft guns modified / tuned, which you want to purchase in this process, directly from the workshop (in the course of the purchase, before shipping). We also offer tuning and repairs as well as spare parts procurement. Please note, however, that the services of our workshop are limited to airsoft weapons bought or purchased from Begadi. We do not work on airsoft guns bought by other dealers. Also, we do not procure spare parts listed in the shop as a service only for airsoft guns that were previously purchased from Begadi. Backgrounds and details are explained here .

In order to be able to make corresponding inquiries, a customer account is required - in your customer account you will find a tab for workshop services, via which you can always check in about ongoing processes as well as past workshop orders & inquiries. Since workshop inquiries are individual inquiries, offers & works, we ask for your understanding that depending on the capacity utilization of the workshop different periods of waiting times can occur.

Current approximate waiting times:
... for tuning & repair of guns sent to the workshop: Approxmatly 7 working days
... tunings & adjustments in conjunction with a purchase: Approxmatly 1-2 working days