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Shipping Options & Cost

Info: The DHL Ageverification is (within Germany) free of cost!. See Bellow!
Your age will be checked at the place of delivery. Please keep a valid photo ID (passport or ID card). When selecting this option, you do not need to send documents to Begadi before - the complete age check takes place on site by DHL.

Shipment cost and delivery time may vary, depending on you chosen service and location.
You can find the Shipment Information to your country in Detail here!
Within Germany, shipment will take approx 1-3 working days. (Austria: 2-3 days). You can see the approx. shipment time to your location for evry product to your locations, once you are logged in.
You will receive a notification, as soon as your shipment is enrolled. Depending on your location, the shipment will then arrive at your home within the given timeframe. Please note, that we cannot change the time of day of delivery! You will receive an automated email, with your tracking ID.

Shipping of replica guns to my country?
Want to put some clarity into the question "Can you ship to my country?"

Currently, we can send airsoft replicas, with full service to:

With certain limitations (Velocity/Joule) we can send to:

Due to legal restrictions, we cannot send any airsoft replicas to:

Please note: We hereby inform, that Begadi will ship delivery only in accordance with applicable German Law. Begadi accepts no liability for local legislation / restrictions regarding the products outside of Germany. This concerns custom issues, legality of airsoft weapons and also equipment, such as knives and tools! If you order contains airsoft weapons with more than 0.5J energy, these will shipped as SEMI-Auto ONLY, in accordance with the German Gun Law!
Which Payment Options do I have?
We do offer a great variety on payment option for you to choose. All details can be found in Detail here!
Please understand that we do not deliver on via invoice or commission outside the Klarna service.

Installment pay and pay via invoice is only available through payment via Klarna Service.
All details are explained here Payment Infos.

How and when can I upload / serve my age verification?

1. Directly via your account:You can upload the ID Document (Passport, ID Card or Drivers license, for example) into your Account (My Account --> Age Verification). We will verify your provided information and do the needed steps, to process your order then! This option is valid for customers of age 14 (Gemany only) / age 18 (all other countries) and up.

2. DHL Age Verification Germany only! (Free of cost!)
Your age will be checked at the place of delivery. Please keep a valid photo ID (passport or ID card). When selecting this option, you do not need to send documents to Begadi before - the complete age check takes place on site by DHL.
Authorized to receive are (minimum age is required in each case) as follows:
The recipient, the authorized representative, the beneficiary and other persons present in the premises of the beneficiary. There is no delivery to neighbors and householders.
Warning: Can not be combined with deliveries to a packing station.
DHL offers this service for all customers resident in Germany and Age 16 or older.

Problems with the delivery received - what should I do?
If you find that your order has been incorrectly ordered (for example, inappropriate clothing or Airsoft attachments), or if you do not like it, please return it to us within 14 days of receipt.Please enclose a completed return form. Should you, e.g. with ann airsoft gun ecounter an defect, or if you problem is not covered here, please contact our Service. Please contact us always first, through our customer service. Many problems can be solved with our help without need for a return.

You can find, fill and print (and of course download) the return form here!
Please note: You cannot save(!) the filled form, you have to print it!
Is it possible to get support for my team / event / workshop?

Yes, it is very important for us to provide customers with the initiative for projects all support possible! You can contact us directly via your contact form. The more detailed you describe your project, the easier and faster we can process your request! Especially infos about your web presence, orientation of the project and references provide vital and important information, which you should contain in your first mail!

Just drop us a line, and we are in contact!

I am a member of a sponsored Team, but it aint working?

As a rule of thumb, our sponsoring system is very robust, but unfortunately it can happen that a browser gets stuck or something does not work completely.
Please check the following points if the sponsoring does not work:

1) Apple's Safari browser (desktop and mobile) tends to not work 100% with our site, use of Firefox may help.

2) AdBlock, NoScript and other Adblocker unfortunately cause problems with the system

3) If these causes do not apply, it may be needed to unsubscribe from the sponsoring in your user account and to register again!*

If this does not help, please contact our Customer Service.
*the information on this can be found in your sponsoring documents

If you problem is not covered here, please contact our Customer Service.