Shipping costs and options

Here we have put together an overview of the shipping costs and the options you have for different countries.
Please note that shipping to packing stations is only possible if they are in supported countries. Further details can be found at

Shipment of Airsoft Guns:
You will find a detailed page with options and infos about ASG shipment here!

Information on delivery time calculation
In the case of payment in advance, the period for calculating the delivery time of the goods begins one day after the customer has instructed the bank to pay, and in all other cases from the conclusion of the contract. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not counted as business days.

Articles with different delivery times
If you order items with different delivery times, the delivery time for the entire order is based on the item with the longest delivery time.
Important: UPS applies a surcharge for several zip codes in Europe, for hard to reach areas within the EU. If your area is affected by that surcharge, the shipping fee will automaticly be raised by this value. We forward that surcharge with no added fees, you can check the policy here at UPS website. This is a UPS policy, which we can not interfere with!

Please choose your destination country

Country Shippin with
Airsoft Guns possible? Batteries & Gas possible?? Details
Germany DHL | DPD | UPS

  Belgium DHL | DPD | UPS BE
Bulgaria DHL | DPD | UPS BG
Austria DHL | DPD | UPS AT
Croatia DHL | UPS HR

Czech Republic DHL | DPD | UPS CZ
Denmark DHL | DPD | UPS DK
Estonia DHL | DPD | UPS EE
Finland DHL | DPD | UPS FI
France DHL | DPD | UPS FR
Greece DHL | DPD | UPS GR
Hungaria DHL | DPD | UPS HU
Ireland DHL | DPD | UPS IE
Italy DHL | DPD | UPS IT
Latvia DHL | DPD | UPS LV
Luxembourg DHL | DPD | UPS LU
Lithuania DHL | DPD | UPS LT
Malta DHL | UPS MT
Monaco DPD | UPS MC
Netherlands DHL | DPD | UPS NL
Poland DHL | DPD | UPS PL
Portugal DHL | DPD | UPS PT
Romania DHL | DPD | UPS RO
Slowakia DHL | DPD | UPS SK
Slowenia DHL | DPD | UPS SI
Spain DHL | DPD | UPS ES
Sweden DHL | DPD | UPS SE