We thank you for your kind interest into our products.

We want to put some clarity into the question "Can you ship to my country?"
We currently ship airsoft replicas / airsoft guns only inside Europe!

We are currently shipping airsoft guns, with full workshop service, to
Germany (of course ...), Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, France (observe Joule Limit), Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, (+5 days delivery, NABV regulations), Spain and Greece (approx. 5-10 Days higher delivery time), Estonia, Luxembourg and Romania
The energy limit for possible tuning is 2.5 joules!

Unfortunately, due to current restrictions, we are unable to ship airsoft guns to countries not listed above!
Possible changes due to changes in the transport regulations / customs regulations are added here without delay!

Please note: We hereby inform, that Begadi will ship delivery only in accordance with applicable German Law. Begadi accepts no liability for local legislation / restrictions regarding the products outside of Germany. This concerns custom issues, legality of airsoft weapons and also equipment, such as knives and tools! If you order contains airsoft weapons with more than 0.5J energy, these will shipped as SEMI-Auto ONLY, in accordance with the German Gun Law!