With the ICS SSS, the trigger is not controlled, as usual, via a switch assembly, but via a built-in micro-switch. This results in a much more precise trigger than with conventional models. Due to the removal of the Cut Off Lever no may occor. Jam vulnerable parts are not included in the SSS system!


By pressing the trigger in semi-mode for about 10 seconds (a vibration confirms the switch), the SSS can be switched directly to 3-round burst. To reactivate the full-auto mode, simply repeat the process. When activated, the trigger just needs to be tapped briefly and the Airsoft automatically fires 3 rounds even if the trigger is not pressed further.

ATTENTION: Not available with the german version (for legal reasons)!

LiPo Monitoring:

Thanks to the integrated battery monitoring, you do not have to worry about your LiPos condition. The motor vibrates at low voltage of the cells (3x vibration) and a battery change should be performed. Ignoring this and the voltage continues to drop, the system automatically shuts down to prevent deep-discharging.


The system continuously checks the functions of the Trigger Assembly, Fire Selector, Gearbox, Mosfet and Battery Voltage. If an error occurs here, you can check the error via the built-in LED by simply opening the housing:

GREEN: All works as supposed to work.

RED (blink-mode): One of the following components causes an error (Gars, Motor, Cut-off Lever)

RED (puls-mode): A malfunction of the electronic unit or the mosfet has occurred.

ORANGE (blink-mode): Malfunction of the Trigger Assembly

ORANGE (puls-mode): There is an error in the Fire Selector.

Compatibility with other Manufacturers:

With other manufacturers users are partly bound to maker-specific tuning parts (especially gears). This is not the case with the ICS SSS! Gears, cut-offs, tappets and triggers from other manufacturers can easily be installed!

Dual Mosfet:

The dual mosfet design directs the full battery voltage directly to the motor. This allows the engine to deliver full power, resulting in much faster response time. Furthermore you can safely use 11.1V LiPos. Also, the system protects against overspeeding / overtorque for the gearbox and gearbox jams. Even with a weak 7.4V LiPo the shot cycle is completed - even if the trigger is no longer operated.

Compact design and easy installation:

Due to the compact design, you can continue to use the full space for your battery without having to compromise. The installation is quick and easy, the lower shell is replaced here 1:1. In the HOG and PAR MK3 series, the spring-release system is fully functional.

Currently the following models are compatible: (Note Version)

(Carbine, Komodo, DMR)

(Tubular, MTR, QRS, CQB)


- ICS CXP-UKI TransforM4
(all Variants)

The right version for your model:

- ICS CXP MARS (Carbine, Komodo, DMR) - Version: MA-400 - Shoplink

- ICS CXP HOG (Tubular, MTR, QRS, CQB) - Version: MA-417 - Shoplink

- ICS PAR MK3 (UKSR, CQB, MTR, R) - Version: MA-417 - Shoplink

- ICS CXP-UKI TransforM4 - (all Variants)Version: MA-417 - Shoplink

At this time we do not know of any problems with the ICS SSS, if you need help, please contact Begadi Support.

- When plugging in my battery, the handle/grip vibrates:
This is normal, the system confirms that all functions have been checked and the Airsoft is ready to use.

- While shooting, my grip is starting to vibrate:
Your LiPo battery is empty and should be replaced in a timely manner.

- When pressing the trigger, the grip vibrates but nothing happens:
The connected battery has reached the minimum voltage and must be exchanged.

- I already have an ICS, can I also get the SSS individually?:
Unfortunately the SSS is not compatible with the normal lower shells and can not be installed.

- Is a deep electronic knowledge required for installation?:
No, the lower shell is replaced 1: 1. All required cables are already soldered / attached.

- Can I also run the SSS Kit with a NiMH battery?:
No, the system works exclusively with LiPo batteries!

- Can the SSS System be used with 13:1 Gears?:
No, the System is not compatible with 13:1 Gears!