ICS SSS System Lower Gearbox für M.A.R.S. Serie [MA-400] (only 18yrs.+)

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ICS delivers with the self-diagnostic shooting system a modern switch unit for the CXP series.

The entire firing cycle is controlled by microswitch, which means that no gearbox jam is possible.
Once the trigger is tapped, a complete cycle is always done. The built-in Mosfet always supplies the full battery voltage to the motor, which has a positive effect on the response.

The built-in LED helps you treating a malfunction. This LED can blink / pulse in green, orange or red and tells you where the fault is.

The SSS comes ready installed in a lower gearbox and must be simply exchanged 1:1.

- Precise trigger via microswitch
- No gearbox jams or overrunning possible
- 3 shots burst mode (not for germany)
- LiPo monitoring with warning and automatic shutdown
- 11,1V LiPo ready
- Self diagnosis functions
- Dual Mosfet System
- Compatible with other gears
- Small and compact in the Lower-Gearbox
- Easy installation, is replacing the existing GB 1:1

Further Informtion can be found on our Content-Page for the ICS SSS System.

Overview of the versions of the SSS System:
- ICS CXP MARS (Carbine, Komodo, DMR) - Version: MA-400
- ICS CXP HOG (Tubular, MTR, QRS, CQB) + PAR MK3 (UKSR, CQB, MTR, R) - Version: MA-417

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