What is Begadi Field Support?
It was always a matter close to the heart of Begadi to offer you, as a Begadi customer, the best possible support - both before and after the purchase - in a straightforward, unbureaucratic and practical manner. If you have a problem with our products / deliveries, our support (also outside of usual business times) will help you as quickly and well as possible. In addition, the Begadi workshop is available for repairs and tuning - but also for any spare parts that may be required, so that we can help you in the best possible way with problems, but also with requests for adjustments, etc. BEGADI was and is always more than just a provider of products, we want to offer a comprehensive service.

All over Germany and in the neighboring countries, great Airsoftfields enable you to practice your hobby airsoft with a lot of passion and commitment. From 2020, we would like to go one step further and, in cooperation with some selected fields, bring our service to the fields! Therefore, we now offer the Begadi Field Support, true to the motto "Airsoft happens on the field!". For this program we work with several well-known playing fields - so that you receive support directly on the playing field in case of problems.

What do you get from it and how does it work?
From now on it is possible for you to get a rental gun provided by Begadi free of charge from the playing fields linked below, if there is a problem with the airsoft gun you bought from Begadi while playing on one of these playing fields. You will then receive this rental gun free of charge for the rest of your game day. The guns are identified by the field operator via the Begadi Marking on the respective guns. (For Umarex & GSG models bought from us, Begadi invoices can serve as proof, please show them together with the gun).

This service is available exclusively to players with an airsoft gun purchased from Begadi. Even if you are a Begadi customer, but are in the field with an airsoft gun that was not purchased from Begadi, you are not entitled to a free rental weapon - this is linked to the purchase of the gun in question from Begadi.

You can currently use the Begadi field support on the fields linked below. In the shop you will also find a separate information page on which each of these playing fields is presented in more detail - so that (if you do not yet know the playing field) you can obtain comprehensive information about the playing fields. There you will also find contact details etc. to contact the operators of the playing fields.

The playfields participating
- Area - E / Northrhine-Westfalia -
- Airsoftevents ("The Base") / Northrhine-Westfalia -
- Area M / Rhineland Pfalz -
- The Green Mile / Rhineland Pfalz -
- Airsofthall Ilmenau / Thuringia -
- Bearhead / France -
- The Bloc / Thuringia -
- AS Freunde Sonneberg e.V / Thuringia -
- BLACKFIELD Airsoft e.V / Mecklenburg Western Pomerania -
- Area49 / Lower Saxony -
- Jagd- und Schießsportzentrum Hoher Fläming / Brandenburg -
- Area13 / Saxony -
- Woodlandpark Leese / Lower Saxony -
- Airsoftpark Aachen / Northrhine-Westfalia -
- Bunker Hill 2.0 / Lower Saxony -
- The Brickyard / Nordrhein-Westfalen -
- MR.Airsoft / Northrhine-Westfalia -

You would like to work with us and also offer field support on your premises?
Drop us a line!