Begadi PRO NEPTUN M4 / M16 CNC Alu Rotary HopUp Unit

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Manufacturing and Development:
For the Begadi PRO NEPTUN, it was important for us to improve compatibility and the recurring feeding problems with different manufacturers and magazines.

We have achieved this goal through the flexibility of the NEPTUN. So this hop-up unit can be easily adjusted to the appropriate length without dismantling the gearbox and replacing the nozzle. In order to optimize the feeding of different magazines, the loading channel can be adjusted via a thread. This ensures a very high level of compatibility. The distance between the hop-up unit and the receiver can also be fine-tuned using the integrated screw.

The dial was made to fit current weapons from Begadi, Cyma, E&L, ICS, VFC, E&C, A&K and many more. No adjustments is necessary. As with our FNS and NEBO HopUp Unit, the production also uses the CNC process. All components are manufactured with a maximum tolerance of 0.05mm.
After production, the parts undergo a visual inspection to rule out any internal grades. They are then checked for dimensional accuracy with a laser and securely packaged.

Setting the HopUp Unit:
The scope of delivery includes 4 shims, each with a thickness of 0.20mm. These can be applied to the gearbox connector and the distance to the gearbox and nozzle can be adjusted accordingly.
Nozzles from 20.80mm to 21.50mm are supported. The number of shims required depends on the manufacturer, the nozzle length, the tappet plate and the gearbox.
The distance between the nozzle and the hop-up rubber can be easily seen through the windows on the side. (The tappet plate must be completely relaxed for this)

Here is a rough overview of the shims to be installed:
Nozzle: 20.80mm – Do not use shims
Nozzle: 21.00mm – 0.20 – 0.40mm shims
Nozzle: 21.25mm – 0.40 – 0.60mm shims
Nozzle: 21.50mm – 0.60 – 0.80mm shims

If you have less energy after the installation, too many shims were used, remove one again.
If there are problems with the feeding, install another shim on the gearbox connector or check the charging channel setting.

In order to correctly align the HopUp Unit with the model and the magazines used, the loading channel can be unscrewed via the thread. We recommend turning the charging channel all the way in during the first installation. If your magazine is too loose in this state or does not release a BB, unscrew the loading channel 2 - 3 positions further until the BBs are released from the magazine.
The current setting can be read off the scale of the charging channel.

With some manufacturers (e.g. E&L) it can happen that the hop-up unit is slightly pushed away from the gearbox after inserting the magazine. In this case you will find a small grub screw at the front. This can be used to adjust the unit to the receiver.
Unscrew the screw until the unit is firmly attached to the gearbox when the weapon is assembled.

Precise setting of the HopUp:
The hop-up effect can be precisely adjusted using the fine-grain adjustment wheel with position information. This leads to significantly more constant shooting results. With the built-in O-ring, mis-adjustment through vibration is not possible. The surface of the adjustment wheel is designed to be very non-slip, so adjustment is also possible with dirty gloves.

System without limitations:
This HopUp system leaves nothing to be desired, it is compatible with normal 5mm and modern 7mm barrel windows and HopUp rubbers (AEG). We supply a suitable tensioner for every request.
The choice of barrel is also entirely up to you, normal AEG as well as hybrid barrels can be used.

Our enclosed aluminum tensioners are equipped with one of the two rubbers, here you have a hard and a soft version at your disposal. We recommend using the soft (black) for lighter BBs.
The red version is suitable for 0.40g+ or for corresponding buckings which have a flatter patch.

Since our products are coordinated with each other, we recommend using a Begadi PRO HopUp rubber (FLY5, FYL7, MAG5, MAG7, SHP5)

Delivery includes:
- 1x CNC HopUp Unit made of 7075 aluminum
- 1x Dial made of 7075 aluminum with position indication
- 2x C-Clip for AEG and Hybrid barrels
- 1x HopUp Arm (Lever) made of 7075 aluminum
- 2x Pressure spring for HopUp Arm
- 1x Brass screw for HopUp Arm
- 1x Brass ring for centering
- 1x O-ring for dial
- 1x O-ring for loading channel
- 1x O-ring for barrel centering
- 1x Tensioner for 5mm HopUp systems
- 1x Tensioner for 7mm HopUp systems
- 1x Adapter for rubber tensioner
- 2x Inlay rubber for tensioners - hard (red)
- 2x Inlay rubber for tensioners - soft (black)
- 1x Gearbox Connector
- 4x 0.20mm shims for connector
- 1x Grub screw

During development we have already carried out many tests for compatibility.
You can find an overview and additional information in this table:

- Begadi PRO NEPTUN M4 / M16 CNC Alu Rotary HopUp Unit Video Review (YouTube, REAPERs Airsoft)

Detailed introductory video:

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