Begadi PRO NEBO (EL/CY) - 4mm CNC Offset Tensioner V2 for 5mm HopUp Systems

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With this CNC-manufactured tensioner, the pressure area is shifted further to the rear. As a result, it is now also possible to use barrels with a smaller window and/or wider bridge.

The 5mm tensioner included with the NEBO requires a 1.5 - 1.6mm wide bridge with a minimum 5mm long hop-up window.
With the offset version, barrels with smaller hop-up window or shorter bridge can now also be used.

When inserting the tensioner, make sure it is correctly aligned (see picture below)

Suitable for:
- Begadi PRO NEBO CNC AK Rotary HopUp Unit "CY" -green-
- Begadi PRO NEBO CNC AK Rotary HopUp Unit "EL" -blue-

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