Original Begadi Softair Gas -light- (new edition) 500ml

Manufacturer: BEGADI
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Warning Dangerous goods! Ingredients acc. EU:
  • H222
  • H229

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Safety information sheets for Begadi Light Gas are available in English and German at the following web addresses:
Download German Safety Information Sheet (PDF)
Download English Safety Information Sheet (PDF)

The new version of our Light Gas has more power than the earlier version (article B-L-GAS, Old Edition). This adjustment was done because of the fact, that also the airsoft guns itself, that need this kind of gas, need more powerful gas in the meantime.
This gas is made for guns that need 134a gas - this are mainly pistols from Japan with plastic slides.

The new version of Light Gas has not as much power as Abbey Ultra Gas, but more power than the earlier Light gas (article B-L-GAS, Old Edition) - so it is a good gas for guns that need 134a power gas.

With silicone in it to care valves, o-rings and rubber material. Adapters for all kind of valves get delivered. So it will be no problem to fill up your magazine.

The profitability of the BEGADI Airsoft gas depends on the size of the tank, the weight of the slide, the type of airsoft and the system used in the airsoft.
For example, as benchmark one bottle of gas is enough for up to 800 shots with a ABS-slide pistol.

Made in Germany.

General notice: Airsoft gas weapons work best at room temperature. They are not suited to very low temperature around or below the freezing point.

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